About my Blog

Hi friend, my name is Czar Santos and I would like to welcome you in my blog. You will probably read about my life as an International Studies student, my journey in pursuing my political career, and my walk as a follower of Christ. I will share my personal experience in my desire to join the Philippine Government, while being a Christian.

Besides that, I will post something in the future about some reviews on specific items; may it be a hair color stuff or whatnot. Additionally, I will probably post some recommendations in terms of video games, music, and movies. Lastly, I will most likely share my experiences on my stay in a specific hotel or a resto. To be honest, it’s just like a blog that is same with everyone, a typical blog. The difference is, its the Emperor of Russia who’s writing this blog. So standby for my future posts, dear friend.

Copy+pasted from my first blog post.

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