Room Makeover: Bohemian DIY Decoration

Ever since the day that I started hanging around in Pinterest, I’ve been longing to decorate our room with DIY decor ideas but due to lack of time and effort, I am unable to do so. Thus I decided to spend one-day to decorate our room during my semestral break. In this post, I’ll share you how I did the magic in our room with simple DIY decor ideas. Thanks to Pinterest and to some random photos that I found in the Google that kept me inspired to (somewhat) makeover our room.

Before I cut illustration boards and start painting some stuff, I thoroughly scanned the room to identify the areas where I can place some decorations, to learn how to utilize the hammered nails in the wall, and to recognize what kind of theme I want for our room. I have decided to have a bohemian theme in our room since bohemian colors are so diverse, calm and hipster.

After scanning our room thoroughly, I started to search for simple DIY decoration in the internet, particularly in Pinterest. I used keywords such as DIY, Bedroom, Decors, Bohemian, Paper art, painting which saved me a lot of time to get down to business. Having to collect decor pegs, I was able to make a mood board for our room.

mood board-ish


To achieve a bohemian theme room, it is fundamental to have dream catchers somewhere in the room. I got my dream catchers on my debut, so I did not really buy these babies. You can buy dream catchers in malls, or do a DIY dream catcher.

I hung my dream catchers near my bed.

Just like any typical room makeover, I have decided to put up my nickname somewhere in our room. I recolored the letter standees to match the bohemian theme I desire. The mood board is my inspiration in recoloring the letter standees.

From pastel to bohemian color.

I took the advantage to utilize my brother’s ukulele to embrace the theme for our room. I made a strong tie out of the brown thick string to hang the ukulele on the hammered nail in the wall.

 Then I added simple artworks below the ukulele to compliment the musical instrument. The photo below is my inspiration for making the simple artworks. Anyway I sucked at painting ha ha.


After that, I added some cute DIY artwork in our room. It’s not that bohemian, but I extremely like it because It’s so easy to do. Besides, I love animals so why not.


Lastly, I used our old picture frame and used it as a reminder frame or whatever you call it. I used my wooden clips to remind  notes to myself.


Aaaand this post is done! I had fun decorating our room but to be honest, I’m not totally satisfied with the room makeover. So probably during my Christmas vacation, I’ll add some decorations in this room! 🙂 I hope you had fun.


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