Buhay Intern: Workplace Assignment

Hey, you’re back! This is my second blog post regarding my Internship Journey at the House of Representatives (HRep)!

In my first week in the HRep, we had a one-week conference about the legislative process here in the Philippines, specifically the procedure in the Congress. During our conference, ma’am Lorelei Hernandez, the Deputy Executive Director in the Committee Affairs Department stated that “since the Congress is in recess¹, there are no committee work, no drafting of bills, no filing of bills, no meetings on any deliberation of a house bill, no action”.

1 – A recess is a temporary suspension of the Congress. 

You came at the right place, but you came at the wrong time.

It’s a phrase that has been repeated by a lot of speakers during our conference. We were excited to experience the action in the committee meetings, in the plenary sessions, and even during the drafting of bills but we were saddened by the fact that the Congress is in recess. Regardless of the recess, the internship program must go on therefore Ma’am Lorelei and Sir Alfred introduced us to the Service Directors and the Committee Secretaries after our conference. We were designated to different clusters, randomly.

Our group was assigned to the legal and political cluster headed by the Service Director Atty. Amorin. We were asked to make a resource file on the matter of forms of the government. We were also asked to make a research paper about Federalism to prepare for the possible constitutional changes in the Philippine Government.

My co-interns and I were reading a lot of transcript, privileges speeches, and constitutional convention discussion to finish our resource file. It honed my diligence to finish up our paperwork, I was able to improve my momentum in reading, and my interest in the legislative branch grew further. While we were doing our resource file, we were no exemption to participate the MMDA Shake Drill. 🙂

Second (4)
MMDA Shake Drill at HRep

After our tiring week full of reading and summarizing transcripts, my co-interns and I were able to know one another and so we decided to hangout and have a dinner after our work. 🙂


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