Buhay Intern: Getting to Know Part

Hi there! I would like to share my internship experience in *Drum roll* THE House of Representatives¹!! (yey) This is to help some aspiring interns for the House of Representatives. Please do excuse my long post.

1 – I will be referring House of Representatives as “HRep” starting from this post then.

A week before our internship started, we had our orientation led by our initial supervisor Sir Alfred Puno. He briefed us regarding the basic rules and policies that we have to abide by because as soon as we start our internship in the HRep, we are declared [temporary] employees of HRep. We have to wear corporate attires during our workdays, we have to time in and time out through a biometric device, and we have to observe proper behavior with other employees. Besides that, I was able to meet other interns from various campuses namely; University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, St. Scholastica’s College, and San Beda College. We were all 24 interns this 2016. My blockmate, Gab Isip and I were really excited to slay this internship program!

Fast forward to our first day as an intern, all the interns were called at the main hall of the HRep to witness the Flag Raising which happens on the first monday of the month. We sang the Philippine National Anthem, and did the Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag. It was incredibly refreshing, because we never had a Flag Ceremony with all the students at Miriam College. Moving on, Secretary General Marilyn Barua-Yap delivered her opening remarks in the main hall. After that, all the interns had a roll call and we were formally introduced to the employees of HRep as interns.

Group Picture after our Roll Call and our Flag Ceremony at the Main Hall of the HREP. That’s me in the middle!

After our Flag Ceremony, we rode a shuttle of HRep to explore the premises of the HRep. After our tour around the House, we went to the Conference Room along with the other interns and our supervisor. We were welcomed by Ma’am Lorelei Hernandez, Deputy Executive Director under the Committee Affairs Department. She told us that we will be having a one-week conference regarding the legislative process, the Parliamentary House Rules and Procedures, Bill Drafting, Committee System, and a lot of topic that is in correlation with the legislative process here in the Philippines.

On our first day of our internship, it was the last session of the 16th Congress. Congressman Neri Colmenares wanted to override the Presidential veto on the House Bill 5842, the proposal to increase the Social Security System (SSS) pension. However, the nays reigned over the ayes during the viva voce when asked on the resumption of the overriding the veto. Moreover, my co-interns and I were able to witness the second time in the history to have an individual, specifically Harlin Abayo be ousted from the house by the Sergeant-at-arms. He was ousted due to an issue of validity of his position as the congressman.

Click here to know more about Abayon as he was escorted out of Congress.

day 1 (10)Last Session of the 16th Congress and the Pagpupugay

My first week stay in the HRep was already fulfilling and informative. Indeed, I am beyond blessed to have been accepted as an intern in the House of Representatives, Batch 2016.




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